Beautiful Strangers

written by: A. Diallo Jackson

(1st Place – 2017 Producers Guild Weekend Shorts Competition )

Short film (1st Place winner) produced for the 2017 Producers Guild Weekend Shorts Competition

The PGA Make Your Mark Weekend Shorts Competition is characterized by a specific assignment, requiring films to include certain story and thematic elements. The degree to which each film organically incorporates the elements of the assignment dictates the judges’ evaluation of the films’ EXECUTION OF ASSIGNMENT.

The PGA honored producer Mike Nichols in this year’s competition.

Drawing on the spirit of Mike Nichols’ our short film had to incorporate the following specifics:


• hallway
• 1980s/Reagan Era

Elements/Props (one element must play a significant role within the story)

• rear-view mirror
• cream pie
• wings


• Dynamics between men and women: Nichols’ films are filled with explorations of the ways that archetypal relationships between men and women play themselves out, as spouses/romantic partners, mothers and sons, teachers and students, and doctors and patients, among others.


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