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I am A. Diallo Jackson, sometimes writing under the pen name Umbrus Syn. Primarily a writer, I also design creative-focused websites. My ultimate passion is crafting immersive narratives via whatever tools of medium at hand. My skills include creative storytelling, web design, development, and production. I bring stories to life and create captivating digital experiences, many of which can be found on my portfolio.

From screenplays to motion comics, from marketing narratives to web experiences, I aim to make my products, content, and creations resonate with audiences and push engagement through communicating illumination, both philosophically and visually. I strive to create a sense of excitement through storytelling and design.

I hold an MA in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing and American Literature. Currently, I am publishing the YA Fantasy serialized novel and audiobook/podcast THE FIRST NOEL, and I've produced the Animated Motion Comic version of ANGELA & THE DARK: VOLUME ZERO, featuring the Main Theme music by Murray Gold. Additionally, I've published short stories and novels including THE CLAYMORE and MAYA, and have written for a number of publications including Yahoo!, Geek & Sundry/Nerdist, and US Weekly.

If you have any questions, collaborations, or projects in mind, please feel free to Contact Me.


ANGELA AND THE DARK : An ambitious motion-comic project where I serve as creator, producer, and writer. From assembling talented teams to collaborating with renowned composers, I orchestrate every aspect to deliver an immersive storytelling experience.

THE FIRST NOEL : The First Noel is brought to life through serialized novels & audiobooks. The ongoing tale benefits from A. Diallo Jackson's expertise in designing web presences and marketing strategies aimed at enchanting audiences through digital methods & media.

BEAUTIFUL STRANGERS : Beautiful Strangers is a short film and entry in the Producer's Guild Make Your Mark Short Film Competition. A. Diallo Jackson served as the writer on this project working with Cabin One Entertainment.

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REACH SOCIAL (external link) : Reach Social is a professional social media company strategically positioned to represent your business on the social platforms people spend their lives on.     Implemented by, Built by & Maintained by A. Diallo Jackson

PREMISE PLAY (external link) : Premise Play Productions is a Los Angeles based Music and Sound Production Studio dedicated to creating dynamic productions that captivate and inspire audiences.     Site Designed by, Built by & Maintained by A. Diallo Jackson

FORGE CREATION (external link) : Forge Creation is the Production, Publishing, & Development Studio for Projects ranging from animation, comic, & graphic novel projects.     Site Designed by, Built by, & Maintained by...

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LA Comic Con
  • 2023 Screening : Screening of Angela and the Dark:Volume Zero, Animated Motion Comic.

  • 2022 Panel: BLACK FUTURISM: STORIES OF INCLUSION IN FANTASY, SCI-FI, and COMICS: Conceived, planned, coordinated, and participated in a panel focused on representations of black characters and creators in comics and cartoon media. Panelists included the first African-American Disney animator, Floyd Norman, and X-Men: The Animated Series Director, Larry Houston.

  • 2021 Panel: THE FANTASY STORYTELLING EXPLOSION: Participated in panel discussion about the ever-growing fantasy genre. Provided insight into my own writing process, focus, and scope of my own fantasy novel project The First Noel.

  • Universal Studios Citywalk
  • 2023 Screening : Screening of Angela and the Dark:Volume Zero, Animated Motion Comic at Universal Studios.