In Edinburgh, Scotland, Jenni Mi Huen confronts a life-altering revelation; Mason Lynch searches for a serial killer; and Andre Jai watches and waits for the time to strike.

Jenni Mi Huen must discover the answer to her destiny, and in the process save all reality; even if it means saving reality from herself.

Rexasaurus Rex

written by: A. Diallo Jackson REXASARUS REX is an upcoming children’s book starring the titular character as well as his friends Petunia, Jimmy, Professor Rand, Agatha Rand, Alan, and AJ. We are currently in production with this project and can’t wait to tell you more. Please come back and stay tuned!

The First Noel Chronicles

written by: A. Diallo Jackson THE FIRST NOEL CHRONICLES podcast is an audiobook reading of the upcoming fantasy genre novel The First Noel by A. Diallo Jackson. Released in a serialized format, THE FIRST NOEL CHRONICLES podcast is available on all major podcasting platforms.