In Defense of Bad Movies

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Upon the recent news that the Russo Brothers of Avengers: Infinity War/End Game and arguably the best action movie ever made, Captain America: Winter Soldier, were interested in directing a remake of Krull, someone commented that they shouldn’t proceed with said particular endeavor and that they should take a lesson from the attempts at remaking Red Dawn, Point Break, Total … Read More

Another Review You Didn’t Ask For: THE PUNISHER

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@thearmageddon here with yet another review you didn’t ask for: THE PUNISHER This one is dark.  Like really dark. But man. It was so good. Like really good.  Like I need to sit with this one for a while and think about all of it.  Because man.  That was pretty good. I’ll have to think about it for a little … Read More

Another Review You Didn’t Ask For -THOR: RAGNAROK & STRANGER THINGS 2

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Hey all. For the past few years I’ve been doing very informal reviews for films and TV shows on my personal social media account that I call “Reviews You Didn’t Ask For,” because, well, no one asked for them and I just like giving quick assessments and impressions I had of things I watch right after I’ve watched them. So … Read More

The Walking Dead Recap (US Weekly)

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Was blessed to have the opportunity to write for US Weekly recapping the Walking Dead. I didn’t let them know I actually hate the show. This is the first of 2 Walking Dead related pieces I did for them.