Geekscape Podcast Interview is now Live!

I recently appeared on this week’s podcast for @geekscapedotnet with Jonathan London and got to talk about Angela and the Dark: Volume Zero by Russell Fox and myself. We also talked about Return of the Jedi, Indiana Jones, Shazam, Godzilla, Captain Marvel (not so much,) and Avengers Endgame. LISTEN HERE

In Defense of Bad Movies

Upon the recent news that the Russo Brothers of Avengers: Infinity War/End Game and arguably the best action movie ever made, Captain America: Winter Soldier, were interested in directing a remake of Krull, someone commented that they shouldn’t proceed with said particular endeavor and that they should take a lesson from the attempts at remaking Red Dawn, Point Break, Total … Read More

Yet Another Movie Review You Didn’t Ask For: SHAZAM!

@thearmageddon here with yet another movie review you didn’t ask for: SHAZAM! I have to be honest. I almost had to recuse myself from reviewing this one. Captain Marvel (Shazam!) is one of my favorite superheroes and has been for almost as long as I can remember. When I got my first new car my license plate had Shazam in it. … Read More


I’ve been crying off and on for 30 minutes. Who even am I right now? I often semi-joke that I’m dead inside. But every once in a while something comes along to show me that I am in fact still human. Quite unexpectedly I find myself kind of destroyed and I’m pretty sure more tears will come when I least … Read More

Yet Another Review You Didn’t Ask For: READY PLAYER ONE

@thearmageddon here with yet another movie review you didn’t ask for: READY PLAYER ONE Geek Trigger Warning: This review has opinions, so you might need to find your safe space if you need one, and your Groot plushy toy and Harry Potter blankie, because I’m fixing to tell you a thing or two about yourself…possibly.  Probably. I have a lot … Read More


I had the chance to be featured on Jamie Gambell ‘s podcast This is Who I Am, in which I discuss writing, my projects, representation, and process. With also very kind words for @lonefoxandcub and @rnugentcolors You can find the link here.

Yet Another Review You Didn’t Ask For: BLACK PANTHER

@thearmageddon here with yet another movie review this time many of you have asked for, but yeah in general, none of you asked for this ever: BLACK PANTHER When you walk out of a movie and catch yourself saying “is this real life?” or at any point during said movie you also catch yourself  being awestruck and saying outloud “woah” … Read More

Another Review You Didn’t Ask For: THE PUNISHER

@thearmageddon here with yet another review you didn’t ask for: THE PUNISHER This one is dark.  Like really dark. But man. It was so good. Like really good.  Like I need to sit with this one for a while and think about all of it.  Because man.  That was pretty good. I’ll have to think about it for a little … Read More